Buildnow GG - Online Game

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How To Play: Buildnow GG - Online Game

About Buildnow GG - Online Game


What is the BuildNow GG?

BuildNow GG is a highly engaging 1v1 battle arena game that combines intense third-person shooting with tactical building mechanics.

Its unique blend of strategy and action has garnered a dedicated following in the online gaming community.


Players are thrust into a fast-paced battle where they must outsmart their opponent using both shooting skills and strategic building tactics.

The objective is to dominate the battlefield through a combination of accuracy, speed, and cunning.

How to Play BuildNow GG

Movement in Builnow GG:

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move your character

Space: Jump 


Left-click: Fire

Right-click: Aim

Z: Pickaxe

1-5: Weapon Slots


V: Ramp

C: Floor

Q: Wall

Left Shift: Roof

F: Edit/Apply Edit

Scroll Wheel Down: Fast Edit Reset

Right-click: Reset Edit

Other Functions:

B: Emotes

P: Open Chat

M: Scoreboard

Tips to win Builnow GG game:

Building Smarts:

Quickly build basic structures like walls and ramps for initial protection. However, be flexible and modify your structures based on your opponent's playstyle.

Utilize different materials strategically: Wood is best for quick cover, while metal provides sturdier mid-game defense. Stone, though slow to build, offers ultimate protection in late-game standoffs.

High ground advantage: Gaining the high ground offers a tactical advantage. Build ramps and platforms to position yourself at a higher level, giving you a clear view and an easier shot at your opponent.

Sharpen Your Combat Skills:

Master the weapons: Familiarize yourself with the different weapons and their strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right weapon for the situation: sniper rifles for long-range, shotguns for close-combat, and assault rifles for a balanced approach.

Practice aiming and shooting: Hone your aim and learn to anticipate your opponent's movement. Utilize cover strategically and peek out for quick, accurate shots.

Manage ammo efficiently: Don't waste ammo! Fire in controlled bursts and conserve ammo for crucial moments. Utilize grenades strategically to flush out enemies or deal area damage.

Beyond Building and Shooting:

Resource management:

Map awareness:

Analyze your opponent: