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How To Play: That's Not My Neighbor - Play Online Free!

About That's Not My Neighbor - Play Online Free!

About That's Not My Neighbor

"That's Not My Neighbor" a 2D horror game that thrusts you into the unsettling shoes of a vigilante building guard. Navigate through a tapestry of intrigue where identifying impostors demands astute analysis, and the result of misjudgment could lead to a harrowing demise at the hands of these elusive mimics.

The Story behind That's Not My Neighbor

Crafted solo by the visionary Nacho Sama, "That's Not My Neighbor" materialized onto the gaming scene in February 2024. Explore a myriad of Sama's creations on the distinguished platform, where artistic innovation takes center stage.

Game of rules

In That's Not My Neighbor, embark on a game where you step into the shoes of a doorman handling residential inspection tasks. Check tenants' IDs, verify apartment numbers, and make calls for confirmation. Watch out, though—doppelgangers are improving their tactics, making your decision-making more challenging and crucial.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor Online

Step 1: Go to the website via Desktop browser or Mobile Browser

Step 2: Click the Play Game button to wait for the game to download, please wait a bit because the game is quite heavy.

Step 3: Then enjoy That's Not My Neighbor and have the most interesting inferences.