Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

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How To Play: Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

Using Mouse

About Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

Cups - Water Sort Puzzle is an entertaining puzzle game in which you must sort colored liquids into glass cups. Sort all of the colors together nicely to advance to the next level!

Relax while organizing your beverages.

Transfer the colors from one container to the next until each glass is completely filled with one color. Only liquids of the same color can be poured into another glass.

As you progress, you will be able to unlock new challenges.
Over 300 tough puzzles will put your intellect to the test as you continue through the game.

Personalize your cups
As you go through Cups - Water Sort Puzzle, you will be able to unlock new cup styles and pouring utensils.

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Relaxing color sorting exercises
Increasingly difficult tasks
Unlock new cup types and shapes.
Over 300 levels
November 2020 (iOS)
December 2020 (Android)
May 2022 (WebGL) (WebGL)
Blury Studio created Cups - Water Sort Puzzle.

Platforms Web browser (desktop and mobile)
Android \siOS