Cursed Treasure 1½

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How To Play: Cursed Treasure 1½

Using Mouse

About Cursed Treasure 1½

Cursed Treasure 112 is a tower defense game in which you must safeguard a cache of cursed jewels for an evil overlord. By erecting defense towers and employing magic, you can prevent the heroes from entering and stealing the corrupt gems.

Construct defense towers.
Keep the righteous invaders away from the Cursed Treasure. Choose one of the three available towers and install it in strategically important spots on the map to stop the thieves before they steal the jewels.

Improve your abilities.
You can use flaming lasers, shooting huts, and lethal boomerang towers to your benefit. These buildings can be continuously upgraded to introduce more powerful effects.

Make use of potent dark magic.
Clear trees with your magic spells so you can build additional towers. Ninjas are among the enemies.

Stop the thieves everywhere.
Instead of unending survival gameplay, Cursed Treasure 112 has a number of levels. After successfully completing a level, you will receive skill points that can be used to purchase permanent enhancements to your magic, gold, and XP.

Tower Swap and Bloons TD are two additional great tower defense games.

Construct towers to stop the heroes from reaching the cursed treasure.
Magic can be used to clear trees, boost towers, and throw meteors.
In the skill tree, use skill points to purchase permanent benefits.
Complete 15 difficult levels.
The film will be released in August 2022.

Cursed Treasure 112 was created by IriySoft.

Web browser platform (desktop and mobile)

Last updated on December 6, 2022.

To place the tower, use the left mouse button.