Super Auto Pets

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How To Play: Super Auto Pets

Using Mouse

About Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Dogs is a fun battle game in which you must assemble a team of charming pets each with their own special powers. Set your strategy and go toe-to-toe with other players. In this relaxing free-to-play auto battler, everything happens at your own leisure.

Arena mode is a relaxed asynchronous multiplayer mode with no timers. Can you get ten wins before you lose all of your hearts?
Versus mode: An intense synchronous game with 8 players that requires quick decision making. Can you be the last team standing before being eliminated by another?
Standard packs: For players that want to get started right away. Packs contain the pets that can be found throughout gameplay. Standard packs are pre-built for everyone and provide a level playing field.

Drag the left mouse button to select your fighting pet.