Tower Swap

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How To Play: Tower Swap

Using Mouse

About Tower Swap

Tower Swap is an ingenious puzzle game that combines match-3 elements with engaging tower defense gameplay. Stop the dragons from reaching your fortress by fortifying it with tactical tile-matching judgments.

How to Participate
Prepare your defenses.
Match three of the same resource to transform it into a weapon or defense piece. When you have three of the same weapon or wall nearby, you can combine them to create more powerful units.
Combine your resources
Combine three of these resources to construct the following defenses:

Stone is used to build a defensive attack tower.
Gunpowder is used to make a cannon.
Ice - forms an ice wall
Logs - constructs an attack turret
Gold - creates a chest containing swaps and occasionally other goods such as TNT and anvils to instantly enhance resources.

A one-of-a-kind combination of game genres
Combine resources to build defenses.
Merging defenses improves defenses.
Keep your fortress safe from unending waves of dragons!
Tower Swap was created by developer curtastic.

Internet browser platforms (desktop and mobile)
Android iOS Last Updated: December 5, 2022

Only tap or click and drag. Even if a tile does not match, it can be swapped.